The Journey behind a Spiritual Awakening

I didn’t totally believe in this concept until recently.  I had heard people mention being ‘rebirthed’, their second coming, the dark nights, but to me this sounded like a weakness. What actually happens to these people for this new mindset to occur?  

My judgmental ego assumed a breakdown, a relationship failure, some kind of life issue, resulting in a path of recovery that depended on an out-of-body intervention. Why was this necessary, if one maintained life balance through a sense of control? Having an appropriate social status and achieving financial fulfillment. Right?

WHACK! Oh, Hi there Universe!

About two years ago, I found myself in the eye of the storm. Every aspect of my life was crumbling. I didn’t understand why it was happening to me.  Have you ever gone through a phase where plain bad stuff would happen, like constantly? Well it certainly made me question the universe and it’s plan for me and if this was going to continue, I wanted out. ASAP.

I remember sharing my frustrations with a couple of my religious friends, not purposefully choosing these friends, but in hindsight, it was all part of the plan. I was unconsciously beginning to explore the greater meaning of things; the bigger life questions and I knew there was more.  My inquisitive personality kicked in, and thus ignited my journey to consciousness.

Surrender and seek serenity

Surrender and seek serenity

I clearly wasn’t listening to the many clues that fell on my path during those dark years, but looking back, they were there, in bucket loads, and every challenge involved a fight. It was debilitating.  I eventually succumbed to chronic depression and exhaustion and spent weeks in hospital. (This was 12 short months ago, but another lifetime, it feels.) Fighting the Universe’s signs had taken its toll, and I reluctantly surrendered. This was it. This was the turning point.

In her book ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’, Caroline Myss PhD, talks about awakening to the Divine Power as an inherent spiritual test.  At some point, we all reach a moment when we ask, “What is happening to me? Why aren’t things happening as I had planned?” Ring true? Often, no matter how successful we are, and how in balance our life is, we become conscious of that incomplete feeling.  Something happens, some type of crisis or illness that demonstrates a deficiency in our personal power to be able to get through it.  Personal power is limited and we are meant to come to this realisation. We are meant to wonder about what else is out there and whether some greater ‘force’ is at play.  It is completely acceptable to come to a point in your life when you ask “What am I here for? What is my purpose?” And when you do, you are in that exact moment, the exact point in time, where things will never again be as they were.  You have awakened the Divine Will and it feels incredible.

Having made it (read - survived) to the point of surrendering my own personal will to Divine Will, I can reflect with a huge sense of gratitude and peace.  The journey was long, arduous and painful.  I never expected to make it to here, or even see tomorrow, but now I can indeed comprehend the point of it all.  I truly understand the word ‘Hallelujah’, and it’s spiritual beauty and essence. Sing it!

Consciousness brings guidance, stunning synchronicities and an intuitive ability that comforts you in knowing that you are right where you need to be.  It is a belief, it is Faith; however that looks for you.

Now, here in the present moment, this awakening has allowed me to clearly see my purpose. My days are committed to living and breathing this purpose with grace, joy and love. My true calling is to guide you to find your true essence through removing all obstacles. I desire deeply to light the spark that ignites the way.  We are all unique and the world needs our own individual gifts.

Kinesiology is the healing framework I have chosen to guide my purpose.  I can’t wait to help people break free of the thick gooey mud that they currently wade through. It’s heavy and constrictive and sadly, many of us know the feeling of this, all too well. Kinesiology can determine where stressors lay in the body, be they physical, chemical, mental, nutritional, emotional or spiritual.  Through balancing the stress, the body adapts and finds a new equilibrium, resulting in the condition improving or even disappearing! More on this amazing subject in future posts.

Whilst I am studying, I have been called to write.  To share my story and insights, something I have never been strong enough to do, until now (Hallelujah!). Remarkably, much of what I write will be news to my friends and family - I've been good at hiding it. 

But, it is through this sharing that my mission is to connect, however that looks and feels to you, so thank you for letting my voice into your space. There is only pure and glorious intention in every step of this ignited path.

So, do you recognise the journey you are on? Where are you at? Is it a sense that there is more? A stirring that life is not enough? Or maybe you are still in the dark waiting for that conscious moment where you question things.  Maybe you’re happily resistant and comfortable with the status quo. 

Just remember, you are exactly where you need to be.

With huge love,

Sarah xx

P.S. I would love to know your thoughts on the concept of a spiritual journey, so please comment below. Oh, and if this resonates with you, or you feel it may with someone you know, please share!

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