From a Teaching Career to a Spiritually-Based Business - The Big WHY

Declaration Time: It’s my life purpose to help teach and guide others, a global purpose which desires to reach far and wide. I want to serve and help others achieve growth and happiness. I believe in the world as a collective, a collaboration of minds that drives the current shift in consciousness. I want to guide that. I want to pioneer change using my unique gifts.

I have a strong desire to learn, love and serve. It’s not a choice I’ve made, it’s a yearning, a voice that is screaming inside to make a difference; an unconscious commitment. And I will listen.

When you make the decision to share your gifts, spirit will give you all that you need to facilitate the process.
— Gabrielle Bernstein

Judgement Time (ego voice):  That's a very bold and overconfident thing to declare – you're making a huge statement about what you think you can do!

But you see I am driven, driven deep inside by a vision of an ideal world. Driven by the need to utilise the unique gifts I have been given, and to fulfil my global purpose manifesto.

How I wish the world to look:

·      Free from Ego

·      A global understanding that all everyone needs is within them, not externally sourced

·      A world that detaches from the material – you know, those   shiny things?

·      People who are mindful of the power of the Now.

·      Healed hearts, free from pain and suffering

So, how do we accomplish this? It seems an impossible task doesn’t it. But yet a beautiful dream by which I choose to set my life goals. One connection at a time.

This is exactly why I have chosen to leave my teaching career and carve out a spirituality-based one. It goes beyond self-interest, is from a place of deep love,  and feels so right.  

And, if by shining my own light, ignites one other soul to do the same, my purpose is affirmed.

So, how do you feel about your career? Does it align with your truth? What are your motives for your work and where do these stem from? Can you name your 'WHY'?

Vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.
— Frederick Buechner

I have chosen the framework of Kinesiology to match my life’s joy with other’s needs. Through serving, guiding, teaching and deep connections, my heartfelt wish is to free souls from suffering and pain and so allow them to live their truth.

My dream solutions for clients:

-       support in the awakening process

-       remove blocks

-       heal unresolved trauma

-       unravel issues in a safe supportive nurturing environment

-       empower and elevate

I intend for my practice to be built inside-out from WHO I AM. The same values, desires and dreams that ignite me, will ignite those who work with me. I want to share the essence of love and hope with all who choose it.

How can I serve YOU?

Huge love, 

Sarah xx

P.S. How do you choose your services? What thoughts/feelings do you 'have to have' when deciding on a health practitioner? Let me know.

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