I don’t have a 'spiritual practice' and I don’t feel guilty about it

I’ve never been a conformist. Sure I follow the rules, but the more I am in a pack mentality - culturally, socially, occupationally - the more I lose my sense of identity. I drown. This isn’t the case for everyone; many people thrive in a tribe. But for me, my spiritual practice isn’t obligations or meditations, it’s alignment with my truth. 

I am different (*unique). We all are. But I’m only now allowing that difference (my *uniqueness) to reign. For too long I’ve felt guilty about difference (*uniqueness). *note reframe! 

I have never married, I have no kids. I don’t own a property or have a garage full of toys. I don't have much, and I have few needs. I've chosen an unconventional path, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

But for a long time it bothered me. I felt there was something wrong with me for not walking the societally-appropriate path. 

It even stopped me from going to my 20-year school reunion. I feared the judgement. I feared my difference being reflected back at me so strongly, I would disappear. I’d had enough of feeling like an outcast, I just couldn’t face more proof of that. I had put myself in that prison for as long as I could recall and it was debilitating. I had suffocated my personality to fit in at school, at work and in relationships. Vanilla. Peace maker. People pleaser. I dimmed my light to survive.

Sound familiar?

I AM different and I own that difference now. Any sniff of a path that puts me with the pack, and I will run. Any idea or convention that requires the herd to undertake a certain protocol to be accepted, I rebel. It is no longer an option, because my truth is no longer a choice.  My body warns me of the misalignment through the totality of my senses and intuition. I see truth. I see bullshit. This can be difficult when others don’t see what you see. But that is our paths, and therefore our difference. 

So how does this help my work and my clients?

My hope is that everyone feels comfortable and at home with their difference. Their uniqueness. Imagine what a radiant and empowered world that would be like!

  • Alignment with truth. 

So much of our suffering stems from misalignment with our true self. The incongruence that creates unbearable pain and struggle. Subconsciously keeping us separate, apart from, a victim to. But we are not broken. We do not need fixing. We are not wronged or tarnished or a bad egg. We’ve just forgotten our truth. 

Learning to embrace the uniqueness of your soul is empowering and healing. Understanding the very, very specific nature of your samskara makes you realise you will always be different in the way you live your life. You have to be. Conforming is hiding. Conforming is ignorant of your soul’s truth. Yet truth can be painful. And that is why only the brave (you) pursue it. 

  • Duality. 

The point of reference. The contrast. The spectrum of emotion. The path to walk from pain to joy. You have to have known the imperfection to experience the perfection. You have to acknowledge your separateness to accept your connectedness. See?

Your difference, your uniqueness IS your power. Your way home. 

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