The Energetics and Magic behind a Kinesiology Session

Kinesiology is more than just a yes/no muscle response. Neuroenergetic Kinesiology uses ‘formats’ consisting of hand mudras and acupressure points to access client's stress. 

During a session, formats become ‘keys’, constantly allowing access to the layers that the client’s subconscious is ready to address and clear. 

Using formats removes the potential contamination of yes/no questions, possibly influenced by the practitioner or client. This means that our egos have no role in the session. Instead we are able to work beneath the noise and let the body be seen and heard in a way that it may never have been before. The client’s subconscious is always guiding the process, determining which layers need to be peeled first and how that should be done. When practiced properly, the practitioner is merely the driver, always following the guidance of the muscle test. There is no dogma or doctrine, simply the re-sourcing of the wellspring of wisdom from the client. You will ALWAYS receive what you need regardless of what the conscious mind expects. 

Surrendering to that, whilst being held in a safe space, is the where the magic happens. 

Sarah CoxComment