Intuitive Soul Readings

 If you feel that your mind or Ego is controlling your life, getting a Soul Reading can re-awaken and remind you of who you are at your core. Receiving insights is sometimes all the spark we need to ignite our energy and re-align our path. 

What does a reading entail?

You don't actually have to do anything as all my readings are done remotely. I will simply channel your energy and undertake the reading at an agreed time.  It will be like holding up a mirror to your energy field.

Are you conscious of the type of energy you emit?

I will be looking at three areas:

  1. An overview of your energy imprint

  2. A look into your relevant Past Lives and your Soul’s core.

  3. An in-depth Chakric Health reading, which looks at both the physical and behavioural aspect of your chakras.

I will then send you White Light. 

You may not feel anything, or you may feel a sense of someone poking around your energy fields! 

You will be sent the raw audio from the session and I welcome any questions you may have after our session. 


Wow! I’ve no words to fully express my joy, gratitude and appreciation for Sarah! She is not only incredibly kind, generous and wise but also highly skilled, dedicated and talented in what she is doing!
My Intuitive Soul reading with Sarah has turned out to be one of the most beautiful and enlightening experience I’ve ever had. She has no way of knowing the things that she did (we are in two different continents and have no acquaintances). Though she didn’t know anything about me except my first name, she precisely picked out my innermost thought patterns, emotional state and health issues that not even my closest family members fully knows about.
I’m skeptic by nature and though the universe practically laid out everything in front of me, I had trouble following what I received from my inner self due to lack of faith. But the soul reading with Sarah has brought me face to face with my own truths that I had been ignoring and now, thanks to Sarah, these truths has liberated me from my own shackles in many ways. She has indeed made the unknown known which has given me so much of knowledge, understanding and peace. Everything she said is so very true and illuminating and her words of wisdom has helped me gain trust and understanding of my own soul.
May be it is due to the fact that she brought the unknown to my conscious or it is because of the white light she sent me, I had this purging of heavier emotions for 2-3 days following which I felt so much peace and serenity. Seeking Sarah’s soul reading has turned to be an important milestone in my spiritual journey.
It has been close to 2 weeks since the reading and it feels like Sarah has opened a new door for me to flow through life with ease and love, a new door to feel in touch with my soul better. Thanks to Sarah for bringing me my higher truths that now I wake up everyday with a big smile on my face :)
Her kindness and dedication in answering my long list of questions even after the session is amazing.
Her incredible gift to read energies accurately and her kindness in helping souls find their truth makes me believe she is indeed an angel!
Sarah is doing a great service to humanity in the most loving way and I wish and pray that many souls would find her to aid their spiritual paths and live peaceful lives that we as light beings are meant to live!
— Jancy
I had heard great things about Sarah’s reading, but I had never imagined to receive the insight she gave me. I’m totally blown away, in awe of the information. SERIOUSLY! There wasn’t one thing in my reading that wasn’t true for me. I’ve read and re-read my reading over and over again, because the more I do the more it sinks into me and the more wisdom I get from it. I had my reading about a month ago now and its still so relevant to me because you really did get the essence of me, reminding me of who I really am - and you didn’t just tell me all the good stuff but about the parts that I need to make sure I worked on and became more aware of ... which I was but we can always do with loving reminders, and in all seriousness it always has to come from a neutral party otherwise we ignore it - well I do anyway! So I have no doubt that I will indeed grow from this and I’m so deeply grateful for your amazing gift of wisdom Sarah!! Thank you !!! xx
— Kelly
Sarah’s reading for me was so accurate and intuitive. From the moment I drove past her, I felt a connection. Truth be told, I actually felt it before I arrived at our meeting point. Which was a very magical meeting point. I felt the enchantment and connection to spirit within and without, from beginning to end. Ha! That is actually just me, though the vibration of connection with Sarah had me feeling comforted, wholesome and with a feeling I would describe as being at home.
I was so at ease and felt what I would also describe as being, the comfort of meeting with a very very old and dear friend. Sarah’s intuitive sense of what she described, was so easy for me to relate to. She spoke about what was going on for me in an emotional sense in my life, which was to do a significant relationship. She described how I have been feeling for quite some time and hit on something that I have not ever shared with anyone else as to what I feel is significant and relates to what is my Life Purpose and its BIG!!!
I feel like my session with Sarah, has allowed me to see myself in a way that has empowered me. It has opened up my awareness of self so that I am able to acknowledge my feelings on a deeper level. The White Light healing at the end of our session was an experience beyond beauty. When I opened my eyes, the world around me looked so different. Perfect!!

Thank you Sarah for sharing your time, your heart and your Light with me. I truly appreciate you for the gift that you bring through you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you :) <3
— Melanie
Thank YOU Sarah! Yes, I enjoyed your reading and found it very accurate and affirming. Thank you for sharing your gift that I am sure will develop in to something of great benefit to the community.
— Belinda
I really appreciate your reading and want you to know that you did a great job. I have been thinking a lot about what you wrote as so much of your reading resonated with me, and the way you presented it to me was easy to follow and left me with more clarity than questions. You delivered your insights in a way that felt warm and encouraging, and I think you have a wonderful gift. Thank you!
— Marty
Thank you so much Sarah, I am so grateful, you expressed yourself so well, nailed my feelings & why !
You are truly gifted & I am in awe, I wish you so much success & happiness, & know you are totally on the right path!
— Julie
Thank you so much for giving me a reading! I feel a strong connection with you and an easy natural trust which I don’t always have with people!! I resonated with so much that you said so you are obviously a natural and will do really well in this field.
— Susan
Hi Sarah,

I would like to thank you again for what was an incredible experience. You held up a mirror to myself that reflected with clarity things I had only vague conceptions of before, things that felt slightly out of reach.
I really liked that you were gentle and not pushy yet confident in your reading. I felt I could really trust you and let you in. The first general energy reading was so accurate it was actually quite shocking for me! I felt the same for the chakra reading.
It actually was an insightful and (dare I say it) life changing phone call. I have been focussing on surrendering to the universe, trusting in the guidance and power and openly accepting and believing in my own divine power (unashamedly - well working on it!) since. You somehow were able to tap into the very essence of my soul and see the truths within it, more so than I have been able to lately and that has given me a real inspiration to dive deep and connect with myself. Gosh I’m tearing up just writing this! I am filled with gratitude for this experience. I think it has really helped realign my soul path and ignite the internal compass within me. Thank you.

— Hannah
I can’t thank you enough for such an amazing shared hour and a half. It was so much more insightful and accurate than I could have hoped, and I got so much out of it!
— Katie
Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much for my reading. I have to say I was shocked at how accurate you were able to be. I showed my husband and he asked if my friend who recommended you had told you about me a little.
Overall, I think you’ve really captured me so well. I can’t believe we’ve never even met! (To the point I feel like I’ve been ‘punked’!) I can honestly say that there is not one thing you mentioned that didn’t sound like I feel. I didn’t have to really think about how it might fit in with my story, your words actually triggered memories for me and affirmed speculations and epiphanies I’ve had myself. I know I’m not to take your word as gospel, but none of this seems far fetched or generalised. I am pretty introspective, and have been making efforts in the last two years to get to know my true self. I thank you for the opportunity you have provided.
— Kelly