Emotional States of Stress

Energy precedes Matter. This is Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. Energy is always present before manifestation, just as a thought or emotion precedes action.

When we are not aligned to our soul through our thoughts, emotions and actions, disease and illness can manifest in our physical body.

At the highest level, the premise of energy medicine works on nourishing and strengthening life force energy that runs through our meridians and chakras. This then flows on and impacts our thoughts, emotions and physical health.

Let’s look at how our emotional state can affect our bodies physically.

We process emotions in three main ways. We can:

1. RESOLVE: When we find resolution in the issues that affect us emotionally through awareness, admission of our guilt, consultation etc.

This process activates our Vagus Nerve and triggers our Parasympathetic Nervous System. Our heart rate decreases, muscles relax, digestive system normalises. In essence, the body RELAXES = NO STRESS.

2. EXPRESS: When we choose to express our emotions we are releasing energy which can impact upon our central nervous system when this expression is confrontational.

The Vagus Nerve withdrawals, and this stimulates our Sympathetic Nervous System and the fight/flight responses that go with it = STRESS

3. SUPPRESS: When we suppress and bury our emotions, we not only disempower our self emotionally, but physically too. The energy is absorbed into our organs and muscles triggering an immune response = ILLNESS.

Where is the emotional stress stored in our body?

Aside from the nervous system’s response to emotional stress, we also store this energy in our body.

Our MUSCLES carry our subconscious emotions. Emotions that we are aware of yet cannot consciously detail.

Our FASCIA stores the conflict between conscious & subconscious emotions. For example when you feel deeply dissatisfied in your job, yet you express your enjoyment of your work, and tell yourself that this is where you are meant to be. This incongruence leads to pain.

Our BONES & TEETH hold our deep unconscious emotions. These are emotions that we haven’t allowed to surface and have no ability to place them e.g. feeling sad and you have no idea why! This energy sits within our joints and bones. Pain in these areas is a trigger for us to acknowledge that something needs to shift or be resolved. But this can only happen when we allow these shadows to come to light through awareness and acceptance.

Kinesiology is a wonderful tool to find and diffuse stress within our physical structure on all levels. Similar to Bodywork, Kinesiology uncovers the stored emotions and releases the stress, allowing our body to heal and function as it is innately designed.

Next time you experience pain in your body, question its purpose and its source and the healing message it is sending.

With love,