Co-creating with The Universe; Navigating fear to find the light.

I stumbled upon this journal entry recently (written on January 1, 2015) and was catapulted back into reflecting upon a life-changing year that was 2014. A journey that saw me traverse the darkest of dark into my divinely-led truth. Timely and poignant now, as I retrace the shadows of my ego again this year, but with the absolute knowing that with any darkness, comes light. 

May this entry provide you purpose and belief as you journey the depths. 

Dear Universe,

I am writing to honor you for co-creating 2014 with me.

So much happened in this year, and I need to take this moment to pay tribute.

2014 served as the most transformative year of my life. I started it off discovering absolute strength, grace and stillness within myself while traversing through a breakdown, and I end the year having learned to accept, be and trust life’s mysterious grid. 

It was a year of breaking deeply-rooted patterns, letting go of all attachments, graciously surrendering to hardship and supporting myself in times of deep fear; a year of finally learning to fully love all of myself, feel completely worthy, no longer stuck in a disempowered narrative that had me believing that I am not enough.

You blessed me, Dear Universe, with a year of deep lessons and endless opportunities for massive growth, and I am here to thank you.

I want to thank you for gifting me with the opportunity to hit the deepest of lows, entrusting in me the ability to surrender fully and face each hardship with the utmost courage and grace. Thank you.

I want to thank you for granting me permission to fall apart, give myself to the darkness, lose myself in the pain, allow myself to get messy, be broken open, feel every ounce of the ride. And all the while know that you, God and the Angels are with me and that life is unfolding for me.

I want to thank you for invoking in me the parts of my self that had remained dormant all my life, helping me reconnect to them, setting them free, allowing them to integrate, so that I could become the full expression of who I truly am. What an invocation it’s been. I am in awe of who I am becoming—powerful, strong and bold; yet, soft, feminine and vulnerable.

I want to thank you for inspiring me to trust in you, to jump headfirst into the unknown, to let go of all safety, see beyond the illusions, and connect to what is real. You are the inspiration, and I continue to open myself and embrace vulnerability, knowing that it is the only way to fully live.

I want to thank you for providing me with silver linings in every break of the heart, every painful fall, every intense blunder, every shaken reality, allowing me to keep shouting yes at the top of my lungs to this life, even in the darkest, most frightening of times.

I want to thank you for supporting me in discovering my powerful voice that was muted for most of my life, connecting me to my beautiful body upon which I was inflicting so much pain and judgment and falling in love with all the textures, flavors and colors, that make me me. What freedom I feel, for the first time in my life.

I want to thank you for showing up consistently, divinely orchestrating every synchronistic moment, from the major shit-storms to the highlights of my entire life. I see the divinity in it all.

I see it within the evolution of my relationships, the letting go of some of the most profound loves in my life, embracing the breaking of the heart and all the beauty that is on the other side of this. I see you showing up, and it all being so divinely connected and in service to me.

I want to thank you for guiding me toward every encounter of 2014, transforming my life from the smallest, most “insignificant” interactions with strangers, to introducing me to (the concept and experience of) my soul family, redefining my understanding of true love. It could have been an afternoon spent in the presence of a stranger, and I walked away feeling more connected to that soul compared to some people I have known my whole life.

Thank you for teaching me to show up authentically and connect from my heart.

I want to thank you for bestowing upon me endless moments of being triggered, providing me with so many beautiful opportunities to fully feel the deep pain that has showed up as shame, anger, grief, loss, fear, sadness and heartbreak. And, in the feeling fully of it all, allowing me to heal it. What a gift to no longer be a victim, but to be taking full responsibility for everything that shows up in my reality. Thank you.

I want to thank you for trusting me to fulfill my mission in this life: to let go of all that I was dependent on, attached to, and sourcing love and validation from (i.e., my relationships, my success, my career, my image, all of my identities) so that I could viscerally experience my worth independent of external variables and become the embodiment of The Healer in all her glory. It is from this place that I am able to authentically serve women and men, guiding them to let go and trust in themselves, seeing them for their Divine Essence, and helping them heal and discover who they truly are. I vow to continue serving my purpose.

Yes, I am grateful, Dear Universe, for this transformative year.

And, I am so looking forward to all that we will manifest together in the future. 

Love always,

Your faithful co-creator

You are your own best healer. Co-create with The Universe and watch the blessings unfold. 

Sarah xx

P.s. Can you relate? Have you reflected on your dark times and witnessed a blessing? Leave a comment below.