SARAH COX - Neuroenergetic kinesiologist & intuitive mentor

Ignite Kinesiology



Sherwood, Brisbane, Australia


Anchored in Science. Spiritual in Essence

Kinesiology is a stress management tool that, through the use of a muscle test, can locate blockages and hurdles contributing to ill health, dis-ease and unbalanced behaviours. Once the stress is removed, the body has the opportunity to return to its natural state of functioning and being. 

Kinesiology is a beautiful combination of eastern philosophies and western science. It is a modality that has no limit to what it can assist with and will ALWAYS improve quality of life.


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You work above the noise (of life), and carry those who are ready through the depths, so they can rise above the noise of their lives and find peace


Looking back at the past year and seeing how much insight and guidance I got from Sarah and her treatments the least I can express is a deep feeling of gratitude and love towards her. It has been and still is a beautiful journey, and the paths she helps me discover are priceless. Knowing that every session we will discover and learn something new, leaves you with a feeling of complete trust and acceptance of the process. Kinesiology truly covers every spectrum of our physical and more importantly metaphysical bodies, and combined with a beautiful loving healer like Sarah, I believe there are no limits to its wonders. Thank you for all the work you do with me, I hope our journey keeps bringing us joy as it has so far.
— Franka B
Sarah is a highly skilled and extremely intuitive kinesiologist. She is able to connect on a deep soul level with her client, really getting to the core of an issue, even a very deep seated one, and facilitate the healing process in her unique manner. Even after the first session I could feel the shift within. I love Sarah’s no nonsense practical approach coupled with her caring and loving nature. Having Sarah hold sacred space allows for deep healing to occur on every level - physical, emotional and spiritual. Her intention to be of service clearly comes through in every aspect of her work. Sarah is a true lightworker.
— Monika S
Sarah has the most beautiful energy and her passion for her craft was evident from the outset. She is a highly intuitive and gifted Kinesiologist. During my session, I felt completely safe and energetically supported by Sarah and was able to let go and because of this, I feel that healing took place on a deeper level. Normally I am very guarded with my emotions, but found it so easy to put my trust in Sarah during the process. I felt amazing afterwards; I was floating, so much lighter in my body and clearer in my head. The session was very emotional, but enlightening at the same time – I really feel as though there has been a shift for me both energetically and physically after releasing a particular issue - letting go, allowed me to be honest with myself. I’m looking forward to my next session. Thank you Sarah.
— Stacey


My dream solutions for clients

  • Support in the awakening process

  • Release blocks

  • Heal unresolved trauma

  • Unravel issues in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment

  • Empower and elevate

Kinesiology is a magical framework that allows us to make the unknown known. From this space of awareness and acceptance, healing can occur. 

So often we hide our deep wounds behind a False Self that leads to tremendous suffering. 

When we discover that the stream of thinking producing the suffering is a CHOICE, we can be liberated from our stories, conditioning and pain. 

Your body knows before your mind does. 

Your subconscious knows before your body does. 

Kinesiology is the search and rescue crew. 

I am Sarah

I am a teacher, a purpose-finder, a guide, a healer and a wisdom seeker. The mysteries of the universe captivate my soul and I yearn to know more.

I awakened while I was a school teacher, uncovering my sensitivities and empathic nature whilst traversing my dark shadows. I soon discovered a longing to be of service in a way that could truly make a difference. A desire to impart my wisdom and learnings to all who sought it. Through Kinesiology, I am able to harmonise my left brain 'learned wisdom' with my right brain 'innate wisdom'. A perfect match which has birthed my soul's calling to serve the world.