Kinesiology for Kids

Kinesiology for children works much in the same way that it does for adults, however UPMOST care and respect is shown for their developing energy bodies and therefore sessions are shorter and less intensive.

Simply put, the focus of Kinesiology for kids is to ‘clean the pipes’ (ensure maximum chi flow) and for children to feel seen, heard and safe.

Sessions will include stress identification for:

-       Developmental issues (neurological & behavioural)

-       Allergies, food intolerances, vaccination stress

-       Structural, anatomical and physiological stress

-       Chakras and meridians

-       Emotions and environmental factors

Children develop their own chakras and energy bodies around the age of 6/7, so working with children of this age and older generally is autonomous and straight forward.

For younger children, who are relying on their parents’ energy bodies to feel safe and confident in the world, we occasionally find that the child’s issue (particularly emotional and behavioural) is best treated through the parent receiving the session. This will vary case by case and will be discussed during the consult.

Children who aren’t old enough to remain still on the table, can play in the studio, whilst mum or dad surrogate for them. Surrogation in Kinesiology means that the work is being done on you as the energetic vessel for your child.

When should the session be done via surrogacy?

  • When children are under 8 years of age
  • When the child's case is complex
  • For busy children who aren't able to attend due to school and other commitments

Should children be in the room whilst having a session via surrogacy?

  • It is dependant upon you. Often information can be discussed more freely without the child present. But information can be emailed through post session. 

Sarah’s previous life as a primary school Physical Education teacher and School Administrator means that her knowledge of child pedagogy, school support systems, developmental milestones and general rapport and instincts for children is conducive to making these sessions highly positive for both parent and child.

Article: Kinesiology Explained.