Why Every Step Matters on a Spiritual Journey

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life
— Naeem Callaway

Have you ever taken the time to recognise your identity away from social and cultural constructs? When you do, you discover your core essence, your soul bounties that can never be stolen. 

The journey to awakening the conscious mind challenges us to confront out fears and deepest illusions. Consciousness lays in truth-seeking, truth that is detached from social and cultural contexts. Truth of an existence that consists of you, in your purest form.  A place of peace and harmony and an awareness of our purpose, for which we are here to share, learn and teach.  This is your true essence.

The pursuit of purpose-seeking is not a hurried one, instead a lifetime assignment that teaches us to deal with change and uncertainty as common place.  

This process is one that should exclude the influence of others, purely because we have to isolate life’s questions in relation to ourselves alone to really discover our truth.  Try now to ask yourself the following questions, without considering anyone else. 

What makes me happy?

Can I rely on myself?

Why do I do the things I do?

What makes me need the attention and approval of others?

Consider now, how close these answers are to your current reality.

My own journey made me question my perceived reality. And what a complete crock my so-called reality was!  So began a series of key steps, one coming after the other, that framed the formidable task of getting to know ‘me’ and discovering my true nature in all its (guts and) glory. 

We have to reconstruct ourselves from the inside out, a process that always brings about numerous changes in our lives
— Caroline Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit

The steps that ignited my journey to consciousness over the past 12 months follow. You may notice the flow on from each discovery that leads to a deeper level of understanding; a key to any spiritual journey.  Through following your intuition and signs to new directions and teachers, you really can’t go wrong.

Every step, whether forward or backward, occurs for a distinct reason, whether you realise it or not. There are no coincidences in life. Once committed to your journey, and seeking your soul’s purpose, you will not look back.

I reflect on the breakdown that led me to begin this path with absolute gratitude and love. It triggered a set of events that has led me to a place of peace and ease.

The seeds of my spiritual awakening began in hospital, where the concept of hope was at the forefront of my thoughts. I remember writing in my journal about hope, stirred by the confronting nature of mental illness that surrounded me.  The mere meaning of hope relied on trusting in an outcome, wanting something to happen, desperation and desire. We all know this feeling; it is a daily prayer for many of us.  

Life-changing questions dawned on me. Who controls this outcome? Who determines if my dreams come true?

And that was my moment of surrender.  No matter how hard I tried and how perfect I intended my every action to be, this wasn’t going to liberate me. The proof was there, plain and simple.  My actions hadn’t brought the life success that had been promised to me, they’d brought a lost, exhausted, empty soul.

In that moment, I chose Him, whoever he was, I knew not details, but He was in charge now, it was his turn. I then symbolically dumped all my crap into his lap, washed my hands clean and let go. The next image in my mind was my tiny self, sitting in His massive hands – I knew I was supported.  I prayed daily, usually in the shower, and shared my gratitude.

I rapidly emerged from my self-obsessed, sorry-state and finally believed in a greater truth.

I felt guided to begin attending church with a friend. I loved the community and the connection everyone shared. I sung my lungs out and was intrigued by the psychology behind the biblical lessons.  It was a cathartic experience, which sparked my desire to find my tribe.

Listen to your guidance, you'll never get lost

Listen to your guidance, you'll never get lost

I’ve been a ‘self-help’ book fan forever, going way back to “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay and “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield (remember this one?),  both read in my teens. I loved messing with Tarot cards, and always sought out alternative healing methods (behaviours which did not always align to my PE Teacher jock exterior!) In May last year, I signed up to Hay House’s World Summit, a two-week smorgasbord of audio and video presentations by top and emerging authors and speakers.  It was mind blowing! The topic that resonated the most was that of the Angel Realms. Doreen Virtue and Kyle Gray mesmerised me with the concept of Archangels and guardian angels.

My spiritual support team now expanded to include Archangel Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, and my personal angel guides! The Universe was expanding and I was captivated.  On a whim, I booked a ticket to see Doreen Virtue in Zurich, and to become a certified Angel Intuitive. I took Friday off work, travelled to Switzerland, and was back in Kuala Lumpur by the Wednesday.  It was an amazing set of events that unfolded to allow me to attend. In Zurich, I intensely battled my ego (it knew I was on the precipice of something amazing), and discovered my healing gifts; two critical moments in my awakening. Then in September, I began a nine-month Chakra course through the School of the Modern Mystic. I sensed that chakric health was where it’s at, and this has since been validated throughout my current studies and practices. It was through this course, and specifically during the Base Chakra component, that the decision to quit teaching and return to Brisbane was made.  This changed everything!

The biggest takeaways to come from my journey, lessons that I will continue to implement, are:

  • The value of continual learning and knowledge-seeking

  • Trusting in synchronicities and the greater ‘plan’

  • Being open to listening to and receiving messages from other realms

  • Asking for help and looking for signs.

A final word: Becoming conscious throughout your spiritual journey must be supported by being present and mindful of the now. Accepting change and knowing no person or situation will be the same tomorrow, eases the need for control.  Surrender to the flow and strive to bring the best possible energy to all situations.  Accept that you can influence, but not control tomorrow’s events. Control is indeed the nemesis to mindfulness and consciousness.

How present are you? Are you really listening? Can you identify where you are on your purpose-seeking path?

Wherever you are on your path, allow each step to present itself in divine order and timing.  Know that you are exactly where you need to be right now.

With love,

Sarah xx

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