Minor Chakra Metaphors

Minor Chakras exist throughout our body and act as axis points to the seven major chakras. 

In Kinesiology, minor chakras represent very specific issues regarding a person's energetic health. 

Here is a snapshot of some of the minor chakras and the role they play:

Kidney Chakra: Survival & Manifestation

Liver Chakra: Transformation

Lung Chakra: Grief & Social connections

Shoulder Chakra: Support

Hip Chakra: Leadership & Strength

Knee Chakra: Flexibility

Ankle Chakra: Changing direction & Coping with difficulties

One of the most fascinating insights of our minor chakras, is the appearance of placental chakras associated with conception of children. Yes, we all carry our own placental chakra from our birth, but woman can also carry placental chakras from conception of children where there may be unresolved trauma. A miscarriage, birth trauma, bond or nurturing issues can all be reasons why we carry these chakras, and for both born and unborn children.

Unresolved placental chakras can deplete our energy stores and create imbalances in our energy body causing a variety of physical and emotional concerns. Interestingly, placental chakras can be located around injuries, and not necessarily around our naval.

Kinesiology can resolve and heal the imbalances associated with the placental chakra and dissolve it. This would be a very effective balance for any woman suffering fertility issues or emotional issues around reproduction and child birth.

If this triggers your interest, allow me to be your guide.

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