Journey of Life. Awakening our Consciousness

Let's first look at the descending pathway from Soul into Physical Being, via the celestial (out-of-body) chakras:

Chakra 12: ONENESS. Nothingness; Soul self

Chakra 11: DUALITY. The seed of imperfection is planted and duality is created. We receive our samskaras and your soul is birthed for another trip earth side.

Chakra 10: ARCHETYPES. The roles you will play in this lifetime e.g. Victim; Magician; Wounded Healer; Knight, needed to act out the samskara.

It’s not really you. But what is the pay off you get?

This generates thought patterns, negative conditioning and belief systems (aka bull sh*t patterns/stories).

Chakra 9: KARMA. Life choices; paths you will take to enact your samskara. You have a choice.

Chakra 8: EARTH STAR. Manifesting powers and tools to bring this purpose to life.

Chakra 7 – 1: Major chakras governing your physical existence.

In Kinesiology, we can take the stress out of this spiritual pathway through balancing the chakras and neuroemotional pathways.

This can help with letting go of the samkaras, archetypes and belief systems created long before your entrance into this world and help you to realise that they are NOT you.

You are oneness (chakra 12), and your journey is to return to your true authentic self. Being one with everything. #Samadhi

Once our consciousness is awakened, our journey focuses then on returning to our oneness and our original truth.

How can we embody this process, and move our consciousness upwards?

The ascending pathway is fuelled by the FORCE OF OUR AWARENESS OF TRUTH, #kundalini and this force spirals upwards through our chakras.

Our journey starts with physical consciousness (awareness of who we are, our identity in this body), then moves to awakened consciousness (awareness of our spiritual path) and then to enlightened consciousness #Samadhi.

Physiologically, our body is designed to enable this consciousness awakening to occur.

DMT, a psychedelic drug used in ancient cultures to aid in perceiving truth, is also found in our Pineal gland . Why would our brain be designed to produce DMT? If not to assist in spiritual awakening?

It seems that this is all part of the human plan and design. To awaken to our higher consciousness and true self during our earthly journey. Those of you reading this, no doubt have begun this awakening, so surrender to it and allow. While the spiritual path isn’t always easy, it is the only path.

DMT helps us perceive our truth and can be balanced through Kinesiology. It is something I do with most of my clients in their first session, so the stress around their spiritual path can be cleared.

We are multidimensional beings constantly shifting energy through our chakra system on many different planes; Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Etherical and Physical.

A stress-free being is balanced on all of these levels and Kinesiology is the best stress-management tool going around.

How interesting is this?! And how versatile is Kinesiology?!