Why Being in your Ego is Exhausting!

I recently spent a weekend away, cramming in a whole heap of social activities, whilst doing a Kinesiology course. Socialising is not the norm for me -  I am contently a self-proclaimed introspective hermit (much to the gasp of society’s expectations mind you – but this allows me to work in the capacity that I do and nurtures my spirit unconditionally).

What I learned from this experience, was how bloody exhausting it is when you [have to] spend so much time in your Ego!

I recognised how differently I felt when socialising, a little energy depleting, as opposed to when I am doing my work which energises me.

I loved seeing my friends and catching up, but it’s not my natural habitat. And I am ok with that. Here’s why....

Whilst socialising, I find I unconsciously step into my Ego, and from a place of fear think things like... ‘Am I likeable? Do they understand my work? Do they see my growth? Am I enough/too much?’, triggering all my self-limiting beliefs. And whilst I work on these shadows regularly, how easy it is to fall back into these ‘roles’, when vulnerable, tired or out of our comfort zones?!

This is the opposite to when I’m working within my practice, and I am required to hold space and act as a conduit for clients – I get to be as distant from my Ego as possible, which is incredibly satisfying and light-filled. In this space, it is my client’s Ego that takes centre stage, and this is where my conditioned mind has no role to play. Adios Ego. Exit stage left.

I’m not afraid of my introspection or hermit status. It has been a worthwhile and hard fought battle to attain this level of peace.  For this to then act as a platform from which I can serve others is priceless and provides the capacity for me to be 100% present in every moment with my clients.

Introspection works for me. It feeds my purpose. I can be aligned with my truth and distant from my Ego. And in doing so, serve others. This is my soul’s truth. This is my bliss.

Allow me to ignite your truth. Where are you facing some exhaustion or drag in your life? Does it reflect you coming from an Ego space and not your truth? What brings you freedom and expansion? How can you fill your life with more of that?