Bringing Consciousness to Relationship Issues

Every relationship breakdown has two culprits. 

Open minded people are able to look and see where their guilt lies, regardless of how the breakdown has played out. Others will look for someone to blame. But focusing on that is not going to result in any healing for anyone. 

These situations are only ever brought to us by God/Universe to offer an opportunity to change a pattern. If we remained closed-minded, blaming others and wanting to be the victim, we miss the opportunity to heal and grow and the pattern will be repeated soon enough down the track. 

In these crisis moments, you are being asked to use this as a chance to heal. To recognise your insecurities and change. This is the way forward for yourself and your relationship. 

Awareness and acceptance are the first steps to healing. And underneath that needs to be a whole lot of self compassion and loving kindness towards each other. The only person you can change is yourself. 

You are being asked to find your true selves away from your pain body that has kept you trapped and unhappy in these patterns. But they are NOT you. They are not your truth. 

Focus on healing yourself first. Only then can you have the clarity needed to navigate a healthy relationship that puts your needs first. 

The choice is yours. You ALWAYS have a choice. 

Sarah CoxComment