What are Chakras?

Chakras are very important parts of our energy body. Just as our physical body has organs, our energy body has chakras. Chakras are our energetic organs.

They are generally 3 – 4 inches in diameter and control and energise our physical organs, by supplying life force energy (chi, prana).

When our energy centres become weak, our physical organs can become stressed as there is not enough life energy to fuel them adequately. This results in sickness and disease. Our chakras also control and affect our psychological and spiritual health.

  • Chakras are energy vortices, which have physical, psychological and spiritual functions.
  • The chakras penetrate into and extend beyond our physical body.
  •  Important functions include:

-       Absorbing, digesting and distributing life energy to different parts of the body

-       Controlling and energising the Endocrine glands (hormones). The dysfunctioning of the chakras can causes many ailments as a result of imbalances that affect the endocrine system.

-       Assisting in the development of psychic abilities. 

Maintaining good chakric health is crucial to our well-being. Our chakras are the primary source point of prana. Any issues in our energetic system flow on to dictate our thoughts, emotions and physical health.