Life is Not a Problem to be Solved

Many clients come in with a ‘seeking’ mindset. Their consciousness has alerted them to something that needs to be ‘fixed’. So they present seeking answers, guidance, help and support. All of which they receive, but not in the way they expected. They realise quickly that they are no broken, and are able to remember and relearn their innate ability to seek their desires and answers within.

In words, this seeking process looks a bit like:

+ mind control, action plans, problems, future focused, 

+ what ifs, swimming upstream, seeking, dopamine/serotonin imbalanced, 

+ craving, needing, not enough, broken, let down, misunderstood, 

+ needs not being met, sad, anxious, disconnected. 

And then the awakening looks like:

~ surrendering, softening, accepting, expanding, 

~ disengaging mind, allowing, soul offering, space to listen, 

~ own terms, sovereignty, feeling into body, loving kindness, 

~ what do 'I'need, reception, peace, harmony. 

I often acknowledge the courage it took clients to walk into my studio. Letting go of heavily armoured constructs is not an easy, welcoming task.  People are always braver than they realise, and I witness this every day. The re-ignition of their inner light guiding them home. A place to seek refuge and strength.

A very loving shoutout to all the incredible clients who bravely walk their shadowy paths to reignite their true light.