What’s so different about Neuroenergetic Kinesiology and why do I call myself a Neuroenergetic Kinesiologist? 

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology uses acupressure formatting to REVEAL, IDENTIFY and RESOLVE stress in the body. It enables the practitioner to access and release stress from deep within the organisation of the nervous system by creating complex resonance patterns.    

Acupressure formatting is a combination of mudras and acupressure points, developed by Richard Utt. When these format modes are held together, the depth of resonance in the etheric communication is amplified. Think of it like playing a chord in music. The resonance of sound is so much deeper than when only one note is played. The frequency that is then transferred into your energy field when a format is ‘put in circuit', will accurately locate the stress in your being, crossing all planes and dimensions. 

Acupressure formatting speeds up the process of finding root causes of issues, by allowing your subconscious and unconscious to speak clearly via the muscle test. 

Formats look like a maths equation and a practitioner translates the equation or ‘format’ into hand mudras and acupressure points. It’s a bit like reading music and transferring that to the instrument to make the sound. The sound then localises the stress to be cleared, and the body can be brought back into homeostasis using stress diffusion techniques. 

The founder of Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, Hugo Tobar has holographically developed formats for every part (it seems!) of our being. These potent formats provide us with many, many keys to opening the locks to our deep-seeded stress, enabling us to find our way home to our truth.

This style of formatting used in Neuroenergetic Kinesiology makes it the most advanced form of Kinesiology in the world, and there is no limit to its use for stress management. I am looking forward to learning Hugo’s latest courses on Burnout, Leaky Gut and Histamine Intolerances, later in the year. 

Have you experienced Neuroenergetic Kinesiology?