The Power of Perception ~ From Empath to Intuitive

I’m often asked by people what I ‘see’. So, I pondered on how to explain this, and have dedicated this post to trying!

For those of you familiar with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock TV series, that’s probably the easiest way to explain what I experience when I’m within someone’s energy field. An influx of sensory information that downloads at light speed to formulate cognitive conclusions.

For example, recently the door-to-door Honey hawker man showed up at the studio. Intrigued by some of my crystals, we got talking. Straight away, I was obliged to ask about his German heritage. Now, there was no hint of an accent (or maybe there was with my heightened sense), but the information I was receiving was leading me to his heritage. Of course, when I asked, he was taken aback and explained the story of his german grandparents. 

If I were to slow things right down with the above example, I realise subconsciously what I was evaluating through my senses. I was noticing his face shape, his colouring, his intonation, his aura and all of this was being computed in my brain database, looking for a match. In this particular instance I was required to understand an aspect of his past and heritage. It could have been an emotion, a relationship, anything. But maybe that was something he needed acknowledged at that time? 

I’ve always been perceptive, but I never knew what that was, or that it was ever different to anyone else. I thought everyone could read situations like I could. Which led to loads of frustration when I didn't understand why people couldn’t see what I could see about someone or something!

As a teacher, kids knew they couldn’t get away with lying when trying to get out of swimming class or cross country training. I always knew lies from truth. I could sense people’s authenticity and couldn't understand why they showed a facade. This often created difficulty with work colleagues. I searched for friends who were real; for environments I could switch off all my spidey senses and relax. But it swallowed me up. And until I understood my heightened perception, I battled chronic and debilitating depression. I felt different, misunderstood, alone and unlovable.

An Empath is an Intuitive who hasn’t learned to drive yet. 

Empath’s are highly sensitive people who up until developing their conscious awareness around their gifts, become a victim to them. This might look like (and most commonly) the dance with the Narcissist, withdrawal, depression, disconnection, allergies, chronic health issues etc. Many of us end up as fringe dwellers, not because of our brain chemistry, but because we are alienated from our truth.

Once our suffering is transmuted and our victim complex released, we learn the language of our intuition and it becomes our offering, our gift.

Separateness to truth can be blinding.

Thankfully, I am able to control the level of my perception in different environments. In my work, it is obviously an important tool, as I am able to see truth, bullshit, fact, history, resonance, all through downloading the clues from my heightened senses (BTW, We ALL do this, ALL the time). Knowing/seeing/sensing my client’s truth, provides me the blueprint or KPI’s if you like, to indicate their progress. I SEE their alignment.

Of course, in day to day life, seeing people’s misalignment can be blinding. And it has taken much practice and work to not be frustrated or judgmental with loved ones when they are off their path! It is simply not my place. Sometimes, my spidey senses can be rather illuminating for people, and I’ve experienced many circumstances where just my presence has been enough to bring up people’s shadows. I’ve found this difficult to deal with, as there is often an unpleasant response!

Building the Intuitive Muscle

So how does this perception develop, grow and prosper into a usable resource? Here’s some tips:

  • Develop sensory awareness. Focus on sharpening individual senses.

  • Be present.

  • Act on and implement that first voice.

  • Reduce noise and create space to receive.

  • Be mindful.

  • Be playful with non-essential decision-making and choices. Let your inner voice lead.

  • Look for ways your intuition is being affirmed. Through synchronicity and serendipity.

The Power of Perception

Each one of us has access to a heightened awareness of our environment. And when used correctly enables us to perceive our own needs AND the needs of the greater consciousness. It is an elixir of our times. It births great leaders and healers, within the family unit and globally.

It’s time that highly sensitive people are seen as neurotypical. It’s time to change the perception of our weaknesses to our strengths, our difference to our superpowers. It is safe to wield this part of you.

So, get to know your levels of perception. Get comfortable with being present in your environment, in your body. Tune in and receive. And enjoy the magic carpet ride of life.

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